Choose Wisely

A man’s mind is elevated to the status of the woman he associates himself with.



You can tell what God wants to do in your life based on the people he sends to help build it…

Beautiful Experience

#SomethingNew EVERY Friday at Apostrophe Lounge

Beautiful Experience – The perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing settings, innovative ideas and cultured circles. The venue, entertainment and people are defined by one word – Quality. This event features Charlotte’s best LIVE Music. Beautiful Experience is something new and refreshing for the who’s who young professionals, artist & athletes. Finally something fun to do besides the club.

Every Friday we will be hosting the official Happy Hour & Pre-Game of the Queen City featuring LIVE music, $5 Drink Specials, $2 Beer & FREE Entry at Apostrophe Lounge (144o S. Tryon Street). Doors open at 6pm.

Live music is led by the talented @HarveyCummings. He is, by far, the top musician in Charlotte. He pleasures us with a variety of musical selections including r&b, jazz, hip hop, pop and more!

Song request? No problem, just ask!

When creating new experiences for the young professional, we never compromise QUALITY. We do not seek to simply host parties, rather we create events. We desire to be referred to as social innovators. No longer shall Charlotte NOT have options.

“Experience the Lifestyle…Quality.” 

Stay Thirsty My Friends

In design class, back in college, he learned: 

A rectangle is square,

but a square isn’t a rectangle.

In life & dating he learned:

To chase is to pursue,

but to pursue doesn’t mean chase.

His charm is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it

A 2nd Chance… Maybe?

Everyone has that one we let get away


…and everyone has that one, when the opportunity presents itself, we can’t let get away.

Reality is…

Network getting larger & larger… Circle getting smaller & smaller.


It’s amazing how many elements contribute to TRUE compatibility.

Timing, upbringing, past experiences in life, past experiences in specifically relationships, values, religion/spirituality, the balance of religion and spirituality, sex, finance, family structure, approach to conflict resolution, stress coping mechanisms, family outlook, personality, goals, optimism or lack of, hobbies, gender role beliefs, present mental state, future vision, reputation/image (whether true or false), first impression, first date, first kiss…

Sheesh and I’m sure the list continues…

Two quality people does not mean they are compatible.

Marriage “MUST ASK” 21st Century Question

Will I stay with him/her after they cheat on me?


His Humble Grind

Inspired by a true story, this literature articulates the mind of a dreamer.

He encounters constant ups and downs. Lingering disappointments, impeded progress, and occasional doubt overwhelms his spirit. Thoughts of complacency grow stronger and stronger. Some days a corona of darkness engulfs him. His most desired dreams and aspirations verge on the probability of being mocked as inconceivable – a waste of time.

He remembers the initial epiphany and excitement that filled his ambitions with possibility. Six months later, the reality of the process weighs in on the lack of progress. Fast forward another six months – he continues. Delayed yet hopeful, he never dismisses optimism. Though adversity consistently seems inevitable, his actions are never immobilized. Doubtful influences do not avert his desires and ambitions.

Day by day he embraces the adversity. With a passionate ideology he humbly grinds, never to cease until his “being” is exposed and embraced by the world…

Is HE Listening?

Aroused by the “possibilities,” it became more than a dream. Once it became attainable, the road-most-traveled seemed illogical – why not? With a sincere passion he invested time and energy.

A foundation anchored by a spiritual liaison rooted a presence in his life that was stronger than ever – a divine truth fueled by inevitable experiences and sincere devotion. The audacity of his pursuit was spiritually justified. His unworldly influence qualified ALL “possibilities” to be possible – by any man who believed.

With opportunistic goals, sincere faith, and positive intent – the lack of results started to weigh heavier. How could Job* be punished? He knew but did not understand. And as time taunted him, patience lacked. He questioned, not only the process, but overall concept. He questioned, not only the purpose and direction, but his spiritual teachings and understanding – “What if HE (God) doesn’t deliver the desires of my heart?”

He goes to church almost every Sunday; he dismisses wreckless lust. He sits, thinks, and occasionally sheds a tear. Invested time, money and faith overwhelmingly takes its toll. He isolates himself away from all of you a day or two – sometimes weeks. In his mother’s basement, he prays for enlightenment.

Did he dream too big? Did he make the right decision?

During the day, while driving, he ponders a more realistic journey or dream overlooked – maybe? As he pleads, he needs a divine intervention.

Yearning for instant guidance he can only ask, “Where do I go from here?” …A few seconds, days, and now weeks later – no answer. Is HE listening?…