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#ThatMoment you realize you can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be – the possibilities!!!

#ThatMoment you make time to plan it out – goals

#ThatMoment you start to implement your plan – initiative

#ThatMoment you feel closer than ever to your dream – beginners luck

#ThatMoment you encounter impeding forces, yet still remain confident from premature progress and success – optimism

#ThatMoment you realize you haven’t been winning lately – honest inventory

#ThatMoment you face the facts but keep the faith – pragmatic

#ThatMoment you recognize you can’t do this by yourself – pray

#ThatMoment you wonder if He is listening – God

#ThatMoment you cry – humility

#ThatMoment you reconsider – doubt

#ThatMoment you experience and confront the fundamental truth – process to progress

#ThatMoment you question yourself and the initial epiphany – dream deferred?

#ThatMoment you exclude yourself from your closet friends and family – darkness

#ThatMoment you have an urge, sign or inkling to keep going – don’t quit

#ThatMoment you consciously decide to embrace the adversity – stay the course

#ThatMoment you know that you know – Passion

#ThatMoment you are going through your daily routine and THE chance presents itself – opportunity

#ThatMoment you seize your opportunity with flying colors – Preparation

#ThatMoment you realized you work hard to get there and life is back on track – relief

#ThatMoment you lose everything – life

#ThatMoment you become confused and angry – numb

#ThatMoment you realize you will keep pushing and do it over all over again – determined

#ThatMoment you realized a year has passed – reality

#ThatMoment you make a chose to either keep going or stop – decision

#ThatMoment you go through the motions seeking a sign – vulnerability

#ThatMoment you know your passion still fuels your dream – revelation

#ThatMoment you realize, at the end of the day, that means nothing – deflation

#ThatMoment you remember to embrace the adversity – motivation

#ThatMoment you give someone else advice and realize it was for you – reflection

#ThatMoment you become thankful for what God has done thus far – outlook

#ThatMoment you are happy – inspite of

#ThatMoment you realize the key to success is the ability to reinvent it over and over – consistency

#ThatMoment you understand the importance of working harder AFTER you achieve – drive

#ThatMoment you vow to never make that mistake again – wisdom


His Humble Grind

Inspired by a true story, this literature articulates the mind of a dreamer.

He encounters constant ups and downs. Lingering disappointments, impeded progress, and occasional doubt overwhelms his spirit. Thoughts of complacency grow stronger and stronger. Some days a corona of darkness engulfs him. His most desired dreams and aspirations verge on the probability of being mocked as inconceivable – a waste of time.

He remembers the initial epiphany and excitement that filled his ambitions with possibility. Six months later, the reality of the process weighs in on the lack of progress. Fast forward another six months – he continues. Delayed yet hopeful, he never dismisses optimism. Though adversity consistently seems inevitable, his actions are never immobilized. Doubtful influences do not avert his desires and ambitions.

Day by day he embraces the adversity. With a passionate ideology he humbly grinds, never to cease until his “being” is exposed and embraced by the world…