Compatibility… Again.

#RelationshipWeek #QualityIsNeverAnAccident #LetsGrowTogether
A Mans Mind is Elevated to the Status of the Woman He Associates Himself With

I had to expound on this one. Do you remember this?

compatibility screenshot

We all have that one person that (at one point of our life) we would have done anything for he/she to like us back …

But they didn’t …And that’s ok. You lived for another day –

You Moved On.

We now realize there’s always a bigger plan in life. Everyday we see how God strategically places what and who we need in our life vs what and who we want.

As we mature in life and relationships we learn patience, timing, the

Beauty of moments

we shift from knowing to understanding that

“Two Quality People Doesn’t Mean You Are Compatible”

There are so many elements that contribute to TRUE compatibility – Timing, Upbringing, Past Experiences, Past Relationship Experiences, Values, Religion/Spirituality, the Balance of religion and spirituality, Sex, Financial Status (or lack of), Family Structure, Family Outlook, Personality, Goals, Optimism or lack-of, Hobbies, Thoughts about Gender Roles, present Mental state, Future Vision, Reputation /Image (whether true or false), First Impression, First Date, First Kiss… And the list goes on and on.

When things don’t work out –

Grow From It.

Analyze what BOTH of y’all did GREAT and take an honest inventory of what could have been better. You never know when the Law Of Attraction will reward your patience and growth.

Focus on being a better YOU!


About Heisman.

Hello Everyone, My number is 4. My sign? Libra. My purpose? Inspire. I am a young professional who has earned every penny...but helped by many. I am humble, bless & thankful. I want to change the world...but not by myself. I seek to maintain, rejuvenate and expand my circle of social innovators - The ambitious communities who are not afraid to try something new. The ones who understand vision, investment and the process to progress. Let's take a ride. We can reminisce, laugh, cry (well I'm a grown ass my eyes might get watery, but its because of my allergies), disagree, debate...but the best part about this is... together we are venturing into the world of possibility. You don't know what to expect and I damn sure don't either. So lets go. Lets try something new... Hmmmm... Such a beautiful experience. Wouldn't you agree?

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