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#ThatMoment you realize you can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be – the possibilities!!!

#ThatMoment you make time to plan it out – goals

#ThatMoment you start to implement your plan – initiative

#ThatMoment you feel closer than ever to your dream – beginners luck

#ThatMoment you encounter impeding forces, yet still remain confident from premature progress and success – optimism

#ThatMoment you realize you haven’t been winning lately – honest inventory

#ThatMoment you face the facts but keep the faith – pragmatic

#ThatMoment you recognize you can’t do this by yourself – pray

#ThatMoment you wonder if He is listening – God

#ThatMoment you cry – humility

#ThatMoment you reconsider – doubt

#ThatMoment you experience and confront the fundamental truth – process to progress

#ThatMoment you question yourself and the initial epiphany – dream deferred?

#ThatMoment you exclude yourself from your closet friends and family – darkness

#ThatMoment you have an urge, sign or inkling to keep going – don’t quit

#ThatMoment you consciously decide to embrace the adversity – stay the course

#ThatMoment you know that you know – Passion

#ThatMoment you are going through your daily routine and THE chance presents itself – opportunity

#ThatMoment you seize your opportunity with flying colors – Preparation

#ThatMoment you realized you work hard to get there and life is back on track – relief

#ThatMoment you lose everything – life

#ThatMoment you become confused and angry – numb

#ThatMoment you realize you will keep pushing and do it over all over again – determined

#ThatMoment you realized a year has passed – reality

#ThatMoment you make a chose to either keep going or stop – decision

#ThatMoment you go through the motions seeking a sign – vulnerability

#ThatMoment you know your passion still fuels your dream – revelation

#ThatMoment you realize, at the end of the day, that means nothing – deflation

#ThatMoment you remember to embrace the adversity – motivation

#ThatMoment you give someone else advice and realize it was for you – reflection

#ThatMoment you become thankful for what God has done thus far – outlook

#ThatMoment you are happy – inspite of

#ThatMoment you realize the key to success is the ability to reinvent it over and over – consistency

#ThatMoment you understand the importance of working harder AFTER you achieve – drive

#ThatMoment you vow to never make that mistake again – wisdom