Beautiful Experience

#SomethingNew EVERY Friday at Apostrophe Lounge

Beautiful Experience – The perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing settings, innovative ideas and cultured circles. The venue, entertainment and people are defined by one word – Quality. This event features Charlotte’s best LIVE Music. Beautiful Experience is something new and refreshing for the who’s who young professionals, artist & athletes. Finally something fun to do besides the club.

Every Friday we will be hosting the official Happy Hour & Pre-Game of the Queen City featuring LIVE music, $5 Drink Specials, $2 Beer & FREE Entry at Apostrophe Lounge (144o S. Tryon Street). Doors open at 6pm.

Live music is led by the talented @HarveyCummings. He is, by far, the top musician in Charlotte. He pleasures us with a variety of musical selections including r&b, jazz, hip hop, pop and more!

Song request? No problem, just ask!

When creating new experiences for the young professional, we never compromise QUALITY. We do not seek to simply host parties, rather we create events. We desire to be referred to as social innovators. No longer shall Charlotte NOT have options.

“Experience the Lifestyle…Quality.” 


About Heisman.

Hello Everyone, My number is 4. My sign? Libra. My purpose? Inspire. I am a young professional who has earned every penny...but helped by many. I am humble, bless & thankful. I want to change the world...but not by myself. I seek to maintain, rejuvenate and expand my circle of social innovators - The ambitious communities who are not afraid to try something new. The ones who understand vision, investment and the process to progress. Let's take a ride. We can reminisce, laugh, cry (well I'm a grown ass my eyes might get watery, but its because of my allergies), disagree, debate...but the best part about this is... together we are venturing into the world of possibility. You don't know what to expect and I damn sure don't either. So lets go. Lets try something new... Hmmmm... Such a beautiful experience. Wouldn't you agree?

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